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I know the taste of success!
During 25 years of my career I found success many times on bodybuilding stages around the world!! I know the feeling of winning, pride and being an inspiration to many! I always dreamed of having this experience and I know the only way is through hard work! In bodybuilding hard work is not enough, you have to have a deep knowledge and understand the mechanics of muscle building, how to gain muscle and how to lean out as well as how to live the fit lifestyle. This knowledge is also required for proper diet supplementation.
I tried many different supplements during my bodybuilding career, and that’s how I learned what works best. Based on this knowledge and experience I came up with the best ingredients and formulas and created my own line of supplements. As with everything I do, especially with bodybuilding, I always strive for perfection. That’s why I made sure that I looked after all details!! Quality, effectiveness, taste and even the look and packaging are all important for me
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2x Mozolani Pro Show Winner
1x Mr Olympia Overall at First Mr Olimpia Amateur 2011 Winner
Overall World Championship 2011 Winner
Asian Overall Championship 2010 Winner